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  • AFP wins three prizes at the Human Rights Press Awards
  •       info du 23-04-2012 à 18h52

    Iran-based Behrouz Mehri won two prizes in the photojournalism feature category for his images of street children and heroin addicts in the strife-torn southern Pakistani city of Karachi.



  • A Pulitzer for AFP: Afghan photographer Massoud Hossaini wins award
  •       info du 17-04-2012 à 16h38

    He won the prize, one of the most prestigious in journalism, for his picture of a girl screaming in the aftermath of a suicide attack in Kabul in December 2011.


    06/12/2011 - Kabul, Afghanistan - AFP/Massoud Hossaini



  • AFP & Relaxnews launch a Lifestyle publication
  •       info du 28-02-2012 à 15h01

    Everyday of the week except Saturday, the AFP-Relaxnews publications offer Kindle users the opportunity to escape from their daily routines with positive news. Topics range from travel and health, to luxury and technology, all selected from the global AFP-Relaxnews leisure newswire. Kindle enthusiasts can subscribe to the daily publication for just $2.99 (monthly), or $1.49 (per edition).



  • Debate in Sarajevo on the role of the media in Bosnia-Herzegovina
  •       info du 13-04-2012 à 10h36

    Since war erupted on the morning of 6 April 1992, numerous attempts have been made to foster a media culture of honest, non-partisan reporting in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Have they succeeded or are parts of the media still driving a wedge between the communities?

    Who sets the agenda? The journalists? The politicians and media owners? The audience? Who does the media serve and why? Are things changing with the rise of the online audience and citizen journalism? Could they change?



  • AFP awarded six prestigious photo prizes
  •       info du 28-02-2012 à 15h06

    04/16/2011 - Otsuchi, Japan -  AFP / Yasuyoshi Chiba







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        21 Juin 2016, 13:47
        Panorama de la presse du monde entier autour d'une actualite, au sein des matins de france culture . diffuse de 7h21a 7h27 de septembre a juillet.
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